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Advanced AI, a leg-up for business intelligent upgrade

  • Voice Technology

  • Optical Character Recognition

  • Image Understanding

  • Body Recognition

  • Face Recognition

AI Tools

AI tools used to support personalized business scenarios

  • QuickAI

    Automation Model Training Platform

    QuickAI Automation Model Training Platform

    For AI business function developers, it provides a one-stop model training and service releasing platform that can customize AI capabilities according to user business data through mouse clicks without coding

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  • PAI

    Model Training Platform

    PAI Model Training Platform

    For AI algorithm related staff, it is a machine learning training platform that provides data processing, algorithm editing, component management, parameter adjustment and multi-framework support

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  • CrowdAI

    JD AI Crowd Label Platform

    CrowdAI JD AI Crowd Label Platform

    In the field of data annotation, it builds a platform for business circulation between enterprises that need data annotation and annotation enterprises/personnel

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JD AI Research

Top technical talents aggregated to build a strong technological cornerstone

  • NLP and Speech Lab

    NLP and Speech Lab

    Processing language and speech to provide machines with human-like cognitive abilities

  • Computer Vision Lab

    Computer Vision Lab

    Replicating human vision and enabling machines to see the world

  • Machine Learning Lab

    Machine Learning Lab

    Enabling systems to make the best decisions possible based on cutting-edge innovation in algorithms

Platform Ecosystem

Hand in hand with ecosystem partners to realize the value of artificial Intelligence

JD AI Ecosystem

Connecting AI startups, local governments, and big corporates to explore the application of AI technologies in various industries

Rely on JD AI, gain business opportunities and brand resources, and jointly achieve customers
  • Branding

  • Business

  • Technology

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JD AI Accelerator

Along with top startup partners, we facilitate deep-level cooperation in the areas of technology, business, and capital. Let’s accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence together

Two halves a year, with 4-6 months cooperation period for each halve
  • Star Partners

  • Connection

  • Innovation Project

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Cooperative Partner

Hand in hand with ecological partners to build an AI ecological system